Stress is an energy eliminator.  Many people are making big sums of money writing about ways to cushion the effects of stress after a pressure-packed day or week.  These advices are very useful but they don’t eliminate the problem because its sources are still around, waiting for its next big break to put your life in disarray.

But we can eliminate some of them, the ones that are considered unnecessary, by changing some habits and taking steps to eliminate some of your life’s stressors.

1.  Know Your Stressors

Identifying the factors that causes your stress is the first major step you need to make in order to know what can be removed.  Think of the top 10 things that stresses you and list them down, then start to determine which of them can be eliminated.

2. Dump Unimportant Commitments

Being committed to many things is a source of stress.  Our involvement with family, work, religious activities, sports, recreation and hobbies can lead us to unnecessary commitments.
Take time out to consider each one of them and determine the amount of stress they provide against the value they give you.  Remove the ones that stress you the most.

3. Do Not Do for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Procrastination is one of the biggest sources of stress.  By allowing your “to do list” to get longer, you are actually stressing yourself out.  Do your tasks as scheduled.  This will give you some breathing space. Accomplishing things on time can give you a feeling of relief.

4. Be Organized

Being disorganized is a big factor that can rob you of energy; it stresses you out.  Get organized by designating a place for everything and making sure that everything is in its place.  Start with your desk then apply it in your home.

5. Avoid Being Late

Being late causes us to rush and it stresses us out.  Avoid getting stressed by being late.  Be punctual.

6.  Stop that Controlling Behavior

Trying to be in control of situations and people we don’t have the power to manipulate can give us stress and anxiety.  Learn to adjust and accept the way people do things.  You cannot control other but you can control yourself.

7. Avoid Multitasking

While it seems to make you super-productive, multi-tasking actually slows you down and takes its on toll you by way of stress.

8. Avoid Unhappy Thoughts

Thoughts of unpleasant memories or of people you don’t like can stress you out and drain your energy.  Do not allow this to happen.

9. Avoid Difficult People

There are people who think they are doing their best by making simple things difficult.  These people are everywhere, and they are easy to spot.  Avoid them; they can stress you out.

10. Exercise

Exercise is the most common way to relieve and prevent stress.  It is effective in the sense that it makes you fit and gives you a good sense of well-being.  A healthy person is also more capable of handling stress than unhealthy ones.  Being sick or unhealthy can already make one stressed and tired.