Energy is a primary requirement for the physical and physiological functions of your body.  You need energy to sustain your body whether you are engaged in physical activity or not.  The absence of energy can mean the end of your existence.

Here are 11 tips which help to sustain your energy levels naturally throughout the day:

1.  Eat fiber-rich foods.

Eating sufficient amounts of fiber-rich foods helps to give you sustained energy because they digest slowly and are able to supply you with energy for long periods.  Foods which are rich in fiber include whole grains, apples, apricot and banana and a lot of vegetables and fruits.

2. Eat multiple but small meals throughout the day.

Eating multiple but small meals throughout the day can help to sustain your body’s daily energy needs.  This is because your body has a constant supply of fuel to give you the energy you need for your physical and physiological functions.

3. Eat lots of nuts and dry fruits

Dry fruits such as nuts, raisins, almonds, dates and walnuts can help to sustain your body’s energy needs.  Make them a part of your daily diet by including them in your afternoon snacks.

4. Eat lots of foods that contain sufficient amounts of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Aside from your normal daily requirement of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, you need to consume sufficient amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates.  These will serve as fuel to power up your body throughout the day.

5. Do not over-eat.

Your body needs energy to digest the food you eat. Overeating can lead to drowsiness as your body diverts much of your energy to be used in the digestion process.

6. Drink three to four liters of water per day.

Water works to hydrate your body and flush out the toxins from your system.  It also aids in your digestion and circulation process.

7. Sleep well.

Sleeping is your body’s way of restoring the energy you lost in your waking moments.  You need to develop a healthy sleeping pattern in order to rest your body and mind.  This will help to maintain your physical and mental energy.

8. Relax and take deep breaths for five to ten minutes every day.

Taking deep breaths is a way to relax and fill your body and brain cells with oxygen.  It can help to relieve stress and give you renewed energy.

9. Get some sunlight and fresh air

Get a lot of fresh air and sunlight at the beginning of your day.  It can help to power you up naturally.  The sun is a natural source of energy and fresh clean air can do wonders to rejuvenate your cells.

10. Exercise

Engaging in exercise and other forms of physical activities for at least 30 minutes a day can help to enhance your endurance, energy and well-being.  It also helps to improve circulation, boost your mood and reduce your stress levels.

These are the 10 easy steps which can help to give you sustained energy levels.  Follow these and they will reward you with optimum physical and mental power throughout your days.