Our joints are one of the most utilized parts of our body, and pain it is not a strange sensation in them, especially among adults and the elderly.  According to research, 30 percent of the adult population suffers from some form of joint pain everyday.

There are many factors that can trigger joint pain.  These include overexertion, overuse, arthritis and strain.

If you are experiencing joint pains, you should know the factors that caused it.  This will help you to find the right ways to address your problem.  Pain relievers offer temporarily relief but they cannot eliminate its real cause.  Besides, the substances that they contain might bring side effects which could be harmful to your health.

If your joint pains are not caused by clinical or organic problems, there are ways to soothe it without the use of drugs.  Here are three easy tips to alleviate joint pain naturally:

1. Give it a rest

Resting the joint which is feeling pain is one of the easiest ways to soothe it.  This technique is most applicable to joints which are injured or overused.  The proper way to rest an aching joint is to raise the injured part and prevent it from further exertion.

2. Give it a cold and hot compress

Applying cold and hot compress is another way to treat aching joints.  If you don’t already own a cold pack, you can make an improvised cold pack by placing ice cubes in a sealable plastic bag.  Wrap the plastic bag with a sheer towel and put the pack on your aching joint for about five minutes.  After this, you should switch to warm compress.  Again, if the appropriate gadget is not available, you can use a bottle filled with hot water to perform this.  Place the hot water bottle above the aching joint for another five minutes. At this point, you will notice that the pain has subsided.  You can continue applying the cold and hot compress until the pain is gone.

3. Give it a soothing massage

Massages are intended to relax muscles and relieve joint pains.  Getting a massage after each workout or exercise session is a good way to relax.  It is also a great way to alleviate joint paints, regardless of their intensity.  If natural liniments and hot oils are available, apply it on the affected area as these can help to further relieve the pain.

Avoid Getting Joint Injuries

You can actually avoid getting joint injuries by taking time to warm up before each rigorous physical exertion or workout.  You also need to cool down after each session.

Warm ups make your muscles and joints ready and prepared for any strenuous activity while cooling down and stretching helps to release toxins in your muscles and joints especially if they are in pain. You can start stretching as soon as your heart rate goes back to normal after each exercise session.  This will help to ease the stress from your joints.


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