The office is not just a place to earn for your living.  It is also a place with the highest potential to make you sick and stressed.  It can even expose you to the risk of heart disease. 

Here are five office situations that can cause heart disease:

1. A highly demanding job

Highly demanding jobs are packed with pressure which only a few people can handle well.  According to a study conducted by the Harvard University, women with demanding positions are 56 percent more prone to heart diseases than others who are given less stressful assignments.

If you are stressed because of the high demands of your job, you can get around this just by being grateful.  List three things you are grateful for, including the ones that are related to your job.  By being grateful, your mind will start to focus on counting the good things.  This can help to lower your stress hormones and restore your blood pressure to normal.

2. A lousy leader

A lousy leader who doesn't support his subordinates increases the latter's risk of developing heart diseases by 64 percent, according to a study conducted by Stockholm University.  Employees who are working for an undesirable boss have high adrenaline and cortisol levels due to chronic stress.  This can make them prone to heart ailments.

Every time you have an unpleasant encounter with your boss, try to restore your mood with music that can make you feel energized.  Listening to music which can bring back pleasant memories helps to give you a soothing feeling.  It can also help in bringing your blood pressure and heart rate back to normal.

If your boss is a real bully, you should find a way out before things get out of hand.

3. Skipping vacations

"Always work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy," an old saying goes. Skipping vacations is a good way to get stressed and depressed.  Being a dedicated worker is an asset to any organization. But working relentlessly without taking time off to unwind can put your heart at risk.

You can get around this by allocating three hours on weekends for relaxation purposes.  Plan out how you can spend this time.  Choose the things that you enjoy doing.  This can help to make you look forward to another weekend to unwind, but it would be better if you can spend one whole day for it.   Never neglect a plan get a longer vacation, and take that vacation when you can.  It will help to make you feel like a new man.

4. Too much overtime

Too much overtime can be a cause for heart disease.  According to the European Heart Journal, working for 11 hours each day raises the risk of heart disease by 56 percent.  This is because work has occupied much of your waking hours.  It causes you to lose exercise and social life as well as it increases your exposure to stress.  Each of these three factors plays a vital role in keeping your heart in top shape.

Protect yourself from burnout, overwork and stress.  Plan your work for the day and schedule after-office-hours appointments with friends.  This will help to keep you connected with them.  They are your buffer against work-related stress.  Connecting with people close to you also stimulate your body to release oxytocin, a stress-fighting hormone that helps to protect your heart.


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