Meditation is a practice that requires you to have a clear mind.  It is quite impossible to meditate if you don't have a peaceful mind to start with.  A troubled mind filled with distracting thoughts is not ready for meditation. It's not easy especially for beginners, but there are steps you need to know which can help you clear your mind for this purpose.  Here are six ways to do it:

1. Close your eyes

Close your eyes to avoid distractions that can bother your focus.  You can keep your mind clearer if you can lessen your functional senses while you are meditating.  This means that you will have a better chance of clearing your mind if you can see, hear, feel smell or taste less.

2. Concentrate

You should direct your mind on one thing and you should concentrate on it.  The sound of the breeze, running water, your own breathing, or anything that is peaceful can be a perfect point of focus.  This will help to relax your mind and keep you free from distractions.

3. Get into a comfortable position to stay focused

You cannot maintain your focus if you are not comfortable.  Being in a quiet, peaceful place and assuming a position that relaxes your body can help you to stay focused.

4. Overcome the factors that challenge your focus

There are many things that can divert you from concentrating.  Some of these are your personal problems, payables, work assignments and future plans.  These things would just come into your mind while you are trying to focus.

These should not come in the way of your pre-meditation process.  You should empty your mind from these distracting thoughts at once. It should be directed only on one thing, and that's your point of focus.

5. Remove distractions

The television, your mobile phone, children, pets and other things can distract you from your meditation.  Keep away from them.  You should be able to find a quiet and peaceful place to clear your mind to be able to meditate.

Once you have cleared your mind, continue focusing on your breathing or other relaxing sounds for at least five minutes or until you find it uncomfortable already.

Meditation is a process which can only be done with a clear and peaceful mind and a relaxed body.  Its practitioners claim that it has plenty of benefits which include an enhanced mental ability and relief from stress.  It's not easy but you can do it.  Practice it regularly, and you can master it.


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