Energy is a primary necessity of life.  It gives us the power to think, move, talk and act.  Nothing actually works without it. We even need energy to produce more of it.

Energy is such an important part of our lives that many techniques have been developed to sustain it.  Here are some simple ways you can do to boost your energy levels and increase your productivity.

1. Throw tight schedules aside

Getting involved in jobs that need to be finished on tight deadlines can stress you out.  Avoid them when you can.  Do not force yourself to work on something when you know it has a tight deadline to beat.  If you are working in an office, set your priorities properly in order to avoid difficult deadlines.  But when this happens, give yourself some energy boosting supplements which can give you the power you need to finish the urgent project.

2. Doze of in the dark

You may not know it, but light interferes with your sleep not only because of its glaring effect but because it slows down the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that gives your body a restful sleep.  Sleep is very important as it helps the body to restore and renew spent energy.

3. Nourish your brain with healthy foods

The brain is the part that acts as the command center of your body.  A brain that is not properly nourished can affect your mental and physical performance.

Nourish your brain with foods that energize your mind.  Fish such as anchovy, mackerel or salmon, and green leafy vegetables are excellent for your brain’s nutrition.

4. Do regular stretching routines

Give yourself a favor by stretching regularly.  The best benefits stretching can give you is, it opens and unclogs your brain’s arteries.  This allows the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your most vital organs and this translates to better energy for you.

5. Plan a vacation

Planning a vacation and looking forward to it is a great way to summon energy in order to get things done before the big day comes.

6. Don’t skip breakfast

Your last meal before daybreak was taken at least 10 hours earlier.  This implies that your stomach is devoid of energy-giving substances that help to make you face your challenges for the day.

Make it a habit to eat breakfast.  This will provide you with energy in the morning.  Eat again in the middle of the day. Avoid eating heavy meals at night as your body tends to slow down and digesting becomes quite harder.

7. Always Say Thank You

Being grateful all the time is an energy-giver. It is indicative of your contentment and inner peace.  If you will notice, being discontent and feeling lacking only makes you tired.  Make the best of what you have, count your blessings and be thankful. Look forward to each new day; it’s giving you another reason to live.

8.  Get enough cardio exercise each week

Engaging in 20-minute cardio exercises at least four times a week boosts your body’s ability to supply your brain and body cells with oxygenated blood.  This is one way of regulating blood pressure and body fat.  This is also a way to keep yourself mentally alert and productive throughout the week.