Energy is a basic necessity for our existence.  We’ve been looking here and there for answers to questions regarding energy and how to make it last through our hectic days. In order to find some answers to our quest, five secrets to sustain energy were revealed.  Here they are:

1. Sleep not food is your energy charger

As you can notice, rest through sleeping is the most effective factor that restores lost energy.  Sleeping time is the time for us to recharge our batteries.  There are many scientific theories which relate the importance of sleep in our lives, but almost all of them agree that it is essential to our sense of well-being, as it is the time for the body to repair some of its worn out tissues and restore the power that was spent the day before.

2. Raw, low-fat diets are good energy boosters

Fruits contain simple sugars and water which don’t require digestive effort from your body and therefore, no energy is used to process it.  A heavy meal requires much energy from your body that it literally becomes energy-drained.  This is one of the main reasons why you fall asleep after taking a big one because your energy is sapped during the body’s digestion process which makes you feel drowsy.  You are actually feeling drowsy because your body wants to use your energy for the digestion process.

Raw vegetables, which provide us with vitamins, minerals, water and no calories also require no energy to digest.

But fatty, starchy foods require more energy from your body in order for these to be digested properly so that they can be converted into fuel for your body.  If your body was a car, food is the gasoline that makes it run, but sleep is the charger-battery tandem that provides it with energy.

3. Exercise

Exercise actually takes some energy from you, but it makes you more fit in the process.  This makes you stronger and more resistant to stress as exercise has equipped you with a good sense of well-being.

A well-exercised person also enjoys better digestion and improved sleeping habits that translate to good rest.  This gives you a more alert physical and mental state throughout the day.

4. Avoid stimulant

Many people mistake stimulants for energy.  Stimulants are drinks or foodstuffs you take that give you a temporary boost of energy. Energy is the natural power that is built within your body that will last for as long as stamina can sustain.

Actually, stimulants don’t give you energy at all, but an increased level of stress which means that the stress hormones, your pulse rate and blood pressure are rising.

5. Avoid energy drainers

In order to have more energy, you need to avoid factors that sap physical and emotional energy from your system.  Some of the energy-sapping factors that you need to avoid include negative relationships, stressful jobs, negative people, debt or other financial problems and many more.

Now that you have already known the little secrets that sustain energy, maintain them in your life.  You also need to identify the energy drainers and get rid of them for good.