Motivation is a value that drives a person to get what he wants even in the midst of obstacles.  It is the mainspring of energy that makes him move towards his goal.

Lack of energy and motivation on the other hand is the absence of that driving force.  It can go a long way back in time when you had the chance to choose the path you would take in the present time.  Choosing things without contemplating how it could affect your life could result in loss or lack of desire to go on.

Extreme loss or lack of motivation can lead to depression.

A truly successful person has a healthy balance of three important factors which are inspiration, motivation and perspiration.


Motivation can drive a person to success.  It springs from his dream to achieve something for himself. A dream is the source of inspiration; it is inspiration that keeps the fire of motivation burning in your heart.

The best way to obtain a healthy balance of the factors that spell success in life is to love what you do.  Whatever your work maybe, loving what you do automatically brings these three factors forward. This fuels you up to do even better.

But there are certain events in our lives that cause us to lose motivation.  A painful experience, the loss of a loved one or stressful work situations can cause a low in your motivation.

It is therefore important to have a happy disposition in life in order become resistant to the negative effects of bad situations. Maintaining a healthy balance of inspiration, motivation and perspiration can help you fulfill your dreams.


Inspiration is the main component for getting the motivation you need.  It is motivation that fuels you up with energy to work hard and overcome roadblocks that you should see as challenges.  Inspiration is the fuel that feeds your motivation with energy.  An object of your inspiration can be a loved one, a person that you idolize, a reward or the mere thought of success itself.  An inspiration is actually the main reason why people work hard.


Perspiration is the effort and focus you pour in to achieve your dreams.  These are drawn from your inspiration and motivation to succeed.

This factor is directly affected by the degree of inspiration and motivation that you have for a certain goal.  Anything that tends to lower the level of any of these three factors can create an imbalance which can derail you from your main focus.

Anything that can create an imbalance of inspiration, motivation and perspiration should be set aside or delegated to others. These could be some projects that keep you away from you goal. These could eat up much of your time and energy and they have a potential to make you lose your motivation to pursue your dream.

There’s something better than your comfort zone, and it’s the one you dream about.  You have the power to get it. Fill yourself with motivation, inspiration and the focus and effort needed and you are ready to fulfill that dream.