Juicing is the process of extracting natural extracts from fruits or vegetables.  The extract which is called juice, is then prepared for drinking for maximum absorption of nutrients which translates into high energy and good health.

According to health experts, drinking juices is better than eating solid foods because it makes the body absorb larger amounts of nutrients without the expense of much energy since your body bypasses the digestion process which it does when you eat whole foods.  Juicing enables your body to absorb concentrated amounts of substances that raw foods contain.

Another advantage that juicing can give to your health is that it can provide your body with beneficial enzymes that it converts into energy.  Juicing helps to make you healthy by increasing your metabolism.  It also optimizes your chance of getting enough phytochemicals which are substances that you can get from plants.  These are among your most powerful defenders against diseases.

Many people find it harder to eat raw fruits and vegetables, but it would be relatively easier for them to take it down as juice and get as much nutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants and immunity boosting substances their body can get in the process.

Aside from these, juicing is also known to help sick people recover from illness fast.  It has also been observed to have anti-aging properties as well as it has the ability to reduce depression.  The occurrence of depression is largely reduced by a regular consumption of fruit or vegetable juices rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and folic acid.

Millions of Americans who are deficient from magnesium and related substances also suffer from symptoms of depression.

As an added bonus, the antioxidants which fruit and vegetable juices contain in concentrated quantities are very effective elements that protect the skin and muscles from the damaging effects of free radicals.  Regular juicing can therefore delay aging and the onset of illnesses related to it because of the active protection of antioxidants that juices contain.

On top of these, a positive effect that you will most likely notice with juicing is its convenience and economic benefit.  You will see that regularly consuming nutritious, energy boosting fruit or vegetable juices, your need to buy expensive medication is largely reduced.  And the more you consume, the healthier you could become because it has no side effects.