Have you ever experienced working out in the morning but you seem a little to weak to do it? Did you miss the energy you had the day before? If you do, it’s time to ask another question that might lead you to the right answer: Have you eaten your breakfast before starting to workout?

According to researchers at the Rowan University in New Jersey, eating breakfast is an important requirement before a workout is begun as it makes the regimen seem less strenuous.

The study added that eating breakfast makes a person alert, and strong. The researcher said further that based on the performances of the subjects who participated in the study, it was found out that they manifested greater strength on days they ate breakfast than on days that they skipped their morning meals.

The study further suggested that by eating a light breakfast packed with health-giving foods, not only does it make you stronger and energetic, but it also gives you the stamina and the mental state to do the regimen with pleasure and enjoyment.

As a general rule, no matter what time of day you choose to exercise, you have to take in some energy-giving foods to fuel your body for the strenuous regimen. Eating a piece of fruit, some raw nuts, grain crackers or some protein about half an hour before exercising can fuel your body and give you the energy you need for the routine.

Another method of getting that hype for the morning exercise is to workout with a buddy or a group of like-minded people who have the motivation and commitment to one another. This method will work in most cases; most especially in people who can’t afford to frustrate others by letting them wait or not showing up at all.

*Condition Yourself for the Morning Workout*

Waking up to your favorite music is a good motivator by itself. You can condition yourself to exercise mood by setting your alarm to your favorite radio station or by setting it to one of the CDs that contains the songs that fuels you up with energy. These will be sufficient to motivate you to get up with a good attitude that you will carry all throughout the day.

Make your outfit ready during the night before a morning workout. It helps to condition your mind and body for the morning activity.

Make it a personal commitment not to wear your workout clothes for any activity other than your exercise routine; and don’t wear any other outfit besides your exercise clothes when you’re working out. This will give you the mindset that when you are in that attire, you are energized and ready to go.


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