There are many more things that help to energize you; some of them may even sound so ordinary you didn’t expect it had such an effect.  Here they are:

1. Morning Showers

You may not have known it, but showering in the morning makes your day.  Yes it does, because you just finished off what your body did the night before, cleansing itself and expelling the toxins that sit on the surface of your skin along with your dead skin cells, while you sleep.

2. Making Things it Easy for Your Mind

Overloading your mind with many things to remember at any given time can be taxing.  Overwhelming your mind with trivial things will surely drain the energy out of you.

An effective approach to avoid getting overwhelmed by petty stuff is to list them down on paper and taking notes.  This will help you to prioritize and focus on the tasks one at a time.

3. Organize and Streamline

If for more than once you had wasted time locating things you can’t remember where you placed them, there’s a big chance that you need to organize things around you.

And this means putting everything in its place and getting rid of the stuff that are no longer needed.

Keeping things organized can help you avoid losing energy which you can put to use elsewhere.  An organized atmosphere makes your mind clear and a clear mind translates to more energy.

4. Smile

When you smile, the world smiles with you; so why don’t you smile even if you don’t feel like doing it?

The mere act of smiling can make you (as well as the one you’re smiling at) feel more positive.  This feeling has a natural effect of giving you more energy.

5. Laugh Out Loud

Laughing out loud at an average of 30 times a day can lift you up and boost your energy.  There is a study which suggests that laughter helps to free your brain from neuroendocrine, the compound that robs your body of energy that could have been utilized elsewhere.

So go ahead and laugh, even if nothing’s so funny; you will get the same benefits from it as a spontaneous laugh anyway, according to experts.

6. Avoid Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are energy-sapping thoughts.  Just the mere thought of someone you don’t like makes you release some energy.  How much more if you think about all the things you find undesirable about that person?  This will wear you out, I’m sure.

On the other hand, if you forgive everyone who has offended you, you will realize that the pain or anger that you have kept for so long has been the baggage that has slowed you down.  Those robbed you of your energy for a long time.

Forgive and free yourself from the burden that’s been keeping you down; and regain your energy for good.