Energy is power.  It is needed in every physical, mental and emotional activity that we engage in from day to day.  Even our simple interactions with other people require us to use and expend energy.

This is perfectly normal.  We really need to spend energy as it is our investment in order to receive greater returns in the form of love, knowledge and happiness.

But not all energy is positive and constructive.  There are forms of bad energy which can make you upset and stressed for days.  If this happens to you on a regular basis because someone in your family or workplace is spreading it constantly, you’ve got a problem.  Negative energy is infectious and difficult to let go.

Other people’s insensitivity, lack of respect, verbal abuse and controlling behavior are common sources of bad energy.  These can take its toll on you if you don’t do something to dispel it.  Here are a few ways of removing negative energy from your life and stop it from pestering your consciousness:

1. Brush it off

It is an expression that most people give when they advise someone to just ignore something.  But the act of brushing off negative energy literally to let it go away is what this is all about.  With one hand, brush your arms, legs, head and back.  Wipe your body as if you are cleaning yourself from dust that sticks to your skin.

2. Shrug it off

Shrugging off can dispel bad energy.  This is more effective when used to release the energy of resentment which sits on our shoulders.  Resentment is a feeling that a person gets when he is wronged or offended.

Shrug your shoulders several times to remove the negative energy that is stuck inside you.

3. Blow it off

Another way to expel negative energy which is trapped inside you is by literally blowing it off.  Remove the undesirable energy from your body by inhaling deeply and exhaling forcefully through your mouth; blow it off.

4. Transmute it with sea salt

Sea salt is a known element which can transmute negative energy.  Create your own home-made negative energy spa treatment by combining two tablespoonfuls of sea salt with a couple of tablespoonfuls of coconut or olive oil.  Add the mixture into a cup of hot water and stir to dissolve the salt. Allow the water to cool down a bit and go to the shower and pour it slowly over your head and body.  Massage your head and body for a few minutes.  This will make you feel refreshed.

Another way of using salt as a means of relaxing and releasing bad energy is by soaking in a bath laced with a cup of sea salt.

Don’t allow bad energy to stay.  Let it go.  No one needs negativity to take control of his life.