Happiness is an important factor of life and it is one of the ultimate purposes of our being.  Everybody wants to be happy and we are all in pursuit of this great emotional state.

Earlier, some scientists believed that we are not in control of our own happiness because it is determined by our health and genetic makeup.  But recent studies have found out that we can actually take charge of our own happiness in certain ways.

Here are five of the things that can help you to be happy:

1. Be grateful

You become happy by expressing gratitude towards the people who have helped you in one way or another.  Recent studies show that people who have developed the habit of expressing their thankfulness to those who have helped them in some way became happier than those who did not thank their benefactors.

2. Be optimistic

Looking at the future with optimism and positive attitude can make you happy.  Being optimistic of what is to come is a source of hope.  It gives you the feeling that something better lies ahead and that it can be achieved.  By being optimistic, you are actually shaping up an attitude that what you aspire for can be done.  Happy people are full of hope.

3. Count your blessings

By counting your blessings, you are telling yourself that you are such a lucky person who is better than millions who only dream of what you have at present.  Make it a habit to write down three good things that happen in your life each week.  It will make you discover reasons why you should be happy.

4. Use your strengths

A person can use his strengths to satisfy his sense of fulfillment.  This can make him happy.  For example, if you are good at making friends, you can use this strength to find new acquaintances.  This can make you happy knowing that each new friend won is an accomplishment that others find difficult to do.

5. Commit acts of kindness

Being kind and helpful to others can make you happy and give you a sense of gratification.  When you spend your time, money or effort to help others, you become happy for what you are and what you have.

6. Stop comparing yourself with others

If your compare yourself with other people, you become envious with what others are blessed with.  It also makes you look down on people who are not blessed with what you have.  Be thankful for what you have and aspire to make yourself a better person.  Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t be bitter about anything.  Look at teach new day as an opportunity to do good things.  Learn to appreciate others and be glad for what they have.  These will surely make you happy each and every day of your life.