Everybody knows that we all need to move in order to be healthy and productive.  Everyone is also aware that the benefits of being physically and mentally active are good health, more energy, less illnesses, strong immune system, and a good sense of well-being.

But why are some of us too lazy to exercise? Why are some of us very good at finding ridiculous alibis just to avoid getting involved in some physical activity?  Here are some common alibis that lazy people say about exercising and how you could deal with them:

1.  I don’t have time

This is the most common alibi lazy people say when someone tells them to do some exercises.

You might have the time to exercise in the gym for three hours per day, but dedicating 20 minutes each day to do some early morning or lunch hour brisk walk is not too much of a time taken out to tone you up physically and mentally.  Doing simple sit-ups and bending exercises while watching TV in the evening can also help.

2. I don’t like to exercise

Being an exercise hater for some reason doesn’t really mean that you will have to stay in the corner and avoid jogging, bending or doing some sports.

There are plenty of ways to exercise your muscles and burn some calories without actually dedicating your time performing actual exercise routines. Some of these are:

– doing household chores like vacuum-cleaning, wiping furniture and house decors, washing your car;

– making a leisurely walk along the beach or the countryside is a stress-reliever and a good exercise at the same time;

– Swimming is a fun activity that doesn’t make you aware that you are actually exercising;

– Dancing to the beat of beautiful hot music is another activity that is not only fun but you’ll surely enjoy doing.

3. I’m tired

Being too tired is not always an indication that you’re overworked.  Tiredness is sometimes caused by insufficient exercise.  Staying dormant is a cause for lack of motivation to even move.  Feeling tired is sometimes another way of feeling too lazy to exercise.

Get your body moving, take a walk home if it’s not too far or you may take a scenic view of the great outdoors with your bike on weekends.  Do whatever it takes to stretch your muscles.  It helps to keep you healthy.

4. I can’t do it, I’m too fat

Being overweight can sometimes become a good excuse to avoid exercise; it might have made you too shy to go out and engage in fitness routines.

This should not be the case as shunning away from exercise only makes your situation worse.  All journeys start with a single step.  Start yours by doing simple, non-strenuous walks around the block on weekends for a start.  You may increase the frequency as soon as you feel comfortable with it.

Another alternative to walking outside or exercising in the gym is to buy yourself some cheap indoor exercise equipment that you can use at home, like some exercise weights, jump rope or exercise DVDs.



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